How to Dominate in PvP Competition

Whether you are in your first month’s play subscription or you are a veteran player of Warcraft, battling in PvP can be a daunting task. Stepping into the arena with an organized battle plan can spell the difference between triumph and humiliating defeat.

For those who participate in PvP arena battles in Warcraft, you may find yourself struggling to make the top ranks. If you actively engage in PvP, you can’t expect to reach very far without a guide or roadmap. Having a blueprint laid out for you will help you boost your ranks to the max.

It is vital that you have the right gadgets in your arsenal before stepping foot in the PvP battleground. Some of the best gadgets to have in hand are macros and keybinds. MetaHuds, proximo and other MODs are also useful tools that can give you a tremendous edge over your competition.

Another gizmo that can prove to be useful is Focus. This item gives you the ability to have two players simultaneously selected. Focus is probably the top gadget to have, especially in 2v2, as this allows you to keep tabs on both opponents. Any PvP guide that’s worth its salt will emphasize just how vital the Focus gadget can be.

Another worthy point when playing PvP is that your skills and experience outweighs whatever equipment you have on you. The key is to focus on improving at playing your class. This is not to undermine the importance of having the right items, but top priority should be on honing and fine tuning your class.

When beginning a battle, fight smart, and don’t try to bulldoze your way to victory. Warcraft is a game that relies heavily on strategy and carefully timed tactics. When facing your enemy, always begin by eliminating the weakest chain. This usually means your enemies’ healing class. Take out the weaklings so you will have more resources freed up when tackling the stronger ones.

Everything outlined above is just a scratch in the surface. I recommend looking into a strategy guide specifically on PvP. Finding the right guide can improve your arena ratings by leaps and bounds. Visiting forms and blogs are also excellent ways to gather advice on how others play. For the beginner, model your strategies after some of the more experienced players. Go to YouTube and watch the strategies implemented by the top players. A willingness to learn and absorb is the long but sure road to arena success.

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